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Directing and Interviewing


From interviewing Annette Bening for Peacock's series Apples Never Fall, conducting and directing over 50 interviews for documentary films Chewed Gum and Esfuerzo, conducting and directing on-the-fly interviews on the HBOMax set The Flight Attendant for the "Inside the Episode" series, to interviewing celebrities at Art Basel for Shutterstock Studios, my warm and direct approach encourages others to feel comfortable and open up.

For me, filmmaking is a conversation, it is a dialogue with our life experiences, it is an expression of visual poetry. I value authentic expression and the ability to confront the multidimensionality of that expression. In every piece I work on, I'm both exploring the experience of being human and searching for a deeper universal truth, or a duality of multiple truths, that unites humanity. 


I look to get to the heart of a story. My philosophy is to empower interview subjects, documentary subjects, and actors I work with to authentically express their inner truth and voice. I am searching for the deeper meaning of every story for our world.

NBCUniversal | Peacock: Apples Never Fall

Director and Interviewer with Annette Bening and Melanie March for "Apples Never Fall | Annette Bening on the Complexity of A Woman's World"

Production Company: Static Films

Distributor: Peacock | NBC Universal

HBO Max: The Flight Attendant 

Interviewer for Production Designer Nina Ruscio for HBO Max Flight Attendant "Inside the Episode." 

Shutterstock x Art Basel x Theodore Bradley

Celebrity Interviewer for Shutterstock x Bradley Theodore art activation at Art Basel, including the C-suite leadership team of


Chewed Gum, documentary feature

Director and Interviewer for feature documentary Chewed Gum. Conducted over 30 interviews with sensitive subjects including sexual and domestic violence survivors, advocates, Utah politicians, attorneys, detectives, and religious leaders.

ESFUERZO, short documentary 

Director and Interviewer for short documentary ESFUERZO. Conducted 10 interviews, 5 with a translator in Spanish.

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